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Languages offered: French, English and Spanish


About Me

Looking to excel in a specific language and need one-on-one guidance from a reliable professional?

Sometimes, all it takes to really understand the material is a considerate instructor who knows your learning style and how to teach at your pace . Having worked with students worldwide, I bring a depth of professional experience and knowledge to those who are eager to expand their minds, talents, and skills.

I offer quality, personalized online one on one sessions at affordable prices.


What I Offer

One-on-One Lessons

£25.00 per hour

I have been coaching for languages in eLearning since 2005 and I am fully equipped to provide the best online learning experience to my students.

Whatever your goal may be in learning one of the languages that I offer, I will ensure that your goals  are met whether you are learning for leisure or to improve your professional career.  

My courses will allow you to develop your communications skills, whether in casual settings or international professional communication.

Test Prep

£25.00 per hour

I provide a reliable measure of language proficiency in listening, reading, speaking and writing before taking an officially recognized test in the studied language.


Price on consultation

Our objective is to provide translation services of the highest quality to businesses as well as for personal needs. 

We offer translation services to and from the following languages:

  • French/English

  • French/Spanish

  • Spanish/English

If you need to documents translated, you can send them to us by email, with the details of what is needed. Once the document is received, we will send you a quote and a projected date for completion of the translation. After agreement on the cost of the translation, we will send you the bill and start the translation after receipt of the payment.

** All information given for translations will always be treated with the highest level of confidentiality. **

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